Daniel David Evans

Albany, Oregon

Daniel at DDEvans.com

Object Oriented Software Engineer looking for new opportunities.

Applicable Skills


Proficient in: C, C#, Java, Visual Basic.

Familiar with: ASP.NET, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python.

Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Notepad++, Subversion, Git.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Linux.

Databases: Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL, Microsoft Access.

Work Experience


Independent Consultant from 2013-Present

  • Tending to established and new clients who have a need for specialized applications and databases.

Information Systems Specialist at Oregon Industrial Contractors Incorporated  from 2006-2012

-Worked independently to design and carry out complete overhaul of network infrastructure.

-Created and managed multiple databases, frontend software, and automation scripts to significantly boost synergy between departments and improve productivity.

-Researched and advised on a wide range of hardware and software acquisitions, created documentation for company systems, and provided training to users.

Sole Proprietor of General Error Computer Repair from 2000-2006

Built a small business from the ground up to provide on-site systems setup, troubleshooting, and consulting services to companies and individuals in the greater Willamette Valley area.

Computer Specialist at Synthetech, Inc.  from 1998-2000

-Created and managed databases to track work orders, parts inventory, and logs.

-Provided general computer related assistance and advice to plant maintenance offices.

-Converted 10 years of plant records to digital and trained employees in use of database applications.



Intelligent Tutor Web Based Teaching Tool

Project Sponsored by OSU and Dr. Sumit Gulwani of Microsoft Research

Built C# / Microsoft SQL backend to connect to JavaScript G.U.I.

Worked as part of a four person team throughout design, build, and implementation.

Bidbook Estimate and Job Tracking System

Created for Oregon Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Implemented a Visual Basic frontend with Microsoft Access database backend.

Developed in an Agile environment with the direct input of end users.

Black-Jack Bot Brains Project

Developed while studying Embedded Systems Design at Oregon State University.

Written in Assembly running on two ARM Processor powered systems.

Communication handled over IR connection, with LCD output.

In-Dorm Dining Android Application

Developed as a hobby project.

Java frontend attached to hosted MySQL backend.

Implemented Amazon.com sales point API.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Systems Engineering Emphasis)

Oregon State University, College of Engineering (Corvallis, Oregon)

Jan 2008 to Sept 2013